Summer's here and the living is easy but that may not always be true for your skin this time year.  Summer months are filled with everything we love to do including the surf, sand and sunshine but these much loved pastimes are not so sweet on our skin.  Not to worry though because with a little extra tlc, you can protect, pamper and prevent  unnecessary damage to your skin.  

Rule number one is to always prep your skin to fully receive any of the products and treatments you're currently using in your routine.  A balanced essence will help to allow your skin to accept the nutrients and goodness your products can provide.  This one blends glycolic acid and grape water to  sweep away dead skin cells and allow products to penetrate to the layers below where they will be truly effective. 

 During the daytime and especially in summer, protection against both free radicals and sun damage is essential.  A great vitamin c serum and well made physical block sunscreen will ge the job done.  This formula from Dr. Gross has some wonderful skin brightening and firming properties you and your face will love.  Top it with an SPF like this one and you are well prepared to face the day.  

Nighttime rituals are a crucial step towards keeping your skin plump, hydrated and youthful.  Try working an effective retinol serum and/or overnight emulsion into your regime.  Sunday Riley has recently marketed this one which I'm looking to try.  I love the fact that it is housed in a dark bottle and  dispensed via a pump.  Air and light have no place in your skincare!  iS Clinical also offers a beautiful blend of peptides, antioxidants and botanicals designed to synergistically energize and rejuvenate your skin while you sleep.  Yes, please!  

Finally, excellent little extras such as sheet and eye masks will round out the perfect routine.  I love adding them in every chance I get.  And by the look of things, my skin does too, haha!  I hope you find something to love here that you end up adding to your routine.  I know your summertime skin will thank you.  Have a beautiful day lovelies!