Have you ever been to a place so blissful you never wanted to leave? Ever.  For me that place is The Cape and most especially the sweet isle of Nantucket.  If you've never been let me paint you a picture and if you have been then you know...Imagine sun soaked mornings filled with the scent of the salt air amid the sprawling setting of gambrel roofs and flower filled verandas.  One home more beautiful than the other.  Local traffic consists of pastel bicycles, Wagoneers and patient seagulls in flight.  A place where there exists no sense of hurry and every day feels like Sunday.  This American oasis is rich in history and full of charm.  Summer is the perfect time to experience the feel of Massachusett's finest.  It's also the moment to bring some of this seaside charm right into your own home no matter where that may be.  One simple way to capture those seaside feels is with a nautical inspired pillow.  These shades of blue do the trick effortlessly for little investment.  Add some oceanside charm to your kitchen too with some pretty plates like these.  This set can be incorporated into any neutral decor with a splash.  I also love faux coral accent pieces.  This one is gorgeous and exactly what your tabletop is begging for.  Woven basket catchers in soft grey are the right spot to house books, extra pillows and a cozy throw for sea breeze nights.  Last, let your senses transport you to the sea with a delicious candle or room oil like this one.  I absolutely love the fresh summer feel it gives to my house and dare I say, I'm addicted, haha.

I hope these pieces leave you inspired to head to the beach.  I can't wait!  Have a wonderful Wednesday friends and happy Fourth of July!




Photos: psdab.com colonial-reproductions.com lalulalang.site 

Photography: Brian Vanden Brink  Greg Premru