Most of us live long hair dreams.  Flowing, lush, glossy, lengthy locks are what we all admire but every now and then you have to embrace the chop.  Cara Loren and Destiny Thompson are two beauties who've done just that and their chic cuts show us how sweet and sexy shorter can be.  I actually had short locks myself about four or five years ago and have to say I loved it!  You can check that out here. A swingy little bob is definitely a great accessory and never short on style!

These are some of my favorite shots of how to wear the cut in so many fun ways.  How cute is that barrette? Summer is such a perfect time to try this look on for size.  Hello beach waves, haha.  What about you?  Anyone else feel like becoming a new woman?  I'm actually heading to the salon today for "a trim".  I'll keep you posted...

Have a great one ladies...xo.