TGIF!  If it's been a long week of work then you just might love the looks I've cued up today to get you weekend ready.  It's no secret that sneakers are chic on the street with Nikes and Supergas leading the way nearly everywhere you look.  I find it interestingly ironic that I was never the girl who ever liked or even wanted to wear "gym shoes" if only to gym class let alone anywhere else.  Well, it's a new day and we've come a long way baby!  I love how it's now so simple to dress a look up or keep it casual all with the same pair of sneaks.  These Nike faves are as easy to style with a long camel hair maxi coat, black skinnies and great clutch as they would be with a cropped jacket and knit beanie.  That's versatility at its best.  The latest crop of colors and styles showing up right now are working flawlessly to make the chic sneak my go-to shoe for transitioning into spring.  They also work great for your off-duty looks coming up right about now.  Hope your weekend is wonderful!  xx 


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