Happy Monday loves!  Hope your weekend was a well-spent one filled with your favorites.  I spent part of mine indulging in some new goodies sampled to me by some of my favorite beauty brands.  All I can say is I came away with a few new loves and several swoon-worthy recos.  So, let's get started!  First there was this smooth and creamy little miracle in a tube that, when I glided it over my skin, transformed my face into a smooth and pretty much flawless canvas that didn't need any further enhancing.  Maybe that's why I forgot to put any foundation on over it the next day, haha!  Seriously, this one is golden.  My hair also got a treat with this luscious masque by the incomparable Oribe.  Glossy, shiny and lush are the three words that come to mind after the blowout.  I say, run don't walk to your salon to give yourself and your hair a luxe beauty moment.  So, is it wrong to say I've fallen in love with a fragrance?  Probably not if it makes me happy which always leads to wonderful things.  This scent is classic and beautiful but then again, does Jo Malone do anything less, ever?  The sample I received was enough to make me want, no make that need, my own bottle.  Ahhh, it's always the little things.  So that's my weekend beauty wrap-up.  Of course, there are several others that I recommend too and they can all be found and shopped via the links below.  I hope you find something that makes your smile sparkle.  Have a beautiful Monday!