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While there are oh so many things I love about springtime weather, perhaps most appealing is the potential it provides for flaunting some flair.  And by that I mean it is the season of the skirt.  While hemlines are happening at various heights, I can say it's the midi that has all my attention.  Its effortless elegance and ladylike glam are a throwback to mid-century chic.  That alone is huge.  What might be best about it though is its chameleon like ability to play both high and low.  Pleated and paired with a dainty top, heels and killer clutch, this spring staple is taking you out on the town.  Opposingly donned with a cropped sweater, sneakers, big floppy and sunnies, it becomes your first pick uniform for strolling the farmer's market on a lazy Sunday.  Much like all those great pieces we covet and crave, the midi can match wits with anything in your closet.  And, with an edge-of-now chicness, it 'll take you anywhere you want to go.

Where will your favorite springtime pieces be taking you?  Have a wonderful Wednesday!