With February quickly coming to a close, I find myself combing through my closet with one eye on the past and one on the future.  Transition time is here and while spring's warm days are still a bit away, we can {happily!} begin peeling back the layers and singing , Here Comes the Sun.  Easing into a new season is always such fun and can also be just a easy.  Keep these key steps in mind and you'll soon be stepping into spring…

1. LIGHTEN AND BRIGHTEN: When you can, lighten the layers with simple switches.  While winter's winds call for down jackets and cashmere blends, spring eases up on us, leaving room for softer, thinner fabrics.  Trade your parka for a fresh moto jacket, still warm enough to keep you comfy but with a current, fresh take on the new season.  

2.  TAKE IT ONE STEP AT A TIME: While boots keep us warm all fall and winter long and I'm probably their biggest fan, I just cannot wait to slip into some really wonderful ankle boots.  Lately, I've been seeing just so many great cutout styles that can take you from now right into summer.  This pair is currently at the top of my wish list.

3. TELL THE WORLD A COLOR STORY: Color has so many amazing possibilities.  Remember the joy of opening a fresh watercolor set or brand new box of crayons?  Ah, well you can still use color to your advantage daily each time you get dressed.  Now's the perfect time to start moving away from blacks and greys and adding some bits of happiness with pops of sunshine-inspired color.  Hello pinks, blues and yellows!

Ready to open your closet and see it with a fresh pair of eyes?  Me too.  Go ahead and enjoy your grown-up version of dress up.  It's the best way to tell the world who you are without ever saying a word.  Have a beautiful Wednesday everyone!

floppy hat // spring scarf // ankle boots // cropped leather jacket // burberry brit trench // quilted sleeve leather moto jacket