While yes, it's true I am a huge fan of the pastel season, I also occasionally crave bolder hues that still say spring while packing more of a color punch.  Today the perfect solution to that scenario is this classic combo of black and yellow.  Although this look can sometimes be tricky to pull off, it doesn't have to be.  Here are a few quick tips on how to get it right...

1.  Keep it Simple:  With two contrasting colors such as these, it's best to keep the patterns or prints you incorporate understated and distinct.  These polka dot pants, for example, provide just the right amount of visual energy without overworking the eye.

2.  Colorblock:  If you decide to go with a patterned bottom, try pairing the look with a solid on top.  A bold cardi or tunic length blouse would both work equally well.  The contrast in color is what pulls this look together and gives it personality.

3.  Add in Great Accessories:  As with any great outfit, the accessories are what really make it eye catching and memorable.  Personally, I favor classic nudes and tortoise shell pieces here because I think they are the perfect choice for rounding out the look without them competing for center stage.

It really can be as easy as that, which is one reason why I love playing with pieces and reinventing new looks.  What about you?  What's one of your favorite things about fashion, style and creating your favorite looks?

Wishing everyone a gorgeous weekend and thanks for reading....