French Dressing


1.  Minimal Effort, Maximum Results: French women are notorious for their effortless chic.  That does not mean, however, that you simply throw it on and go. On the contrary, it holds true to the notion of less is more.  Keep your silhouette simple and enhance your look with a signature print or pattern...

2.  Signature Prints & Patterns:  Really, what's more French than a striped bateau top and a print silk scarf?  Not very much.  Classically inspired, this look is quintessentially Parisian and quite unmistakable.  Simplicity such as this, even when mixed in such a way, takes your look from ok to ooh la la.

3.  Classic Key Pieces:  When you think of the most stylish women you know, there's probably a certain accessory or style find that they work in perfectly to their look.  For French women, those would include hats and sleekly sophisticated sunglasses with berets and round dark frames leading the way.  

When approached in this way, channeling your inner French girl is surprisingly simple.  That kind of gives a whole new feel to the saying, "Paris in springtime".  If you're feeling inspired, check out the links below.