Lovely and Layered

Layering is a chic and simple way to create a look that is both of-the-moment and uniquely your own.  Today I've decided to highlight that very element as seen done so effortlessly by favorite blogger, Blair Eadie of Atlantic-Pacific.  Blair takes staple pieces and adds bits of brilliance to create this sweetly demure spring look.  What's really wonderful about this way of styling is that you often don't need to replenish your wardrobe but rather discover clever ways to reinvent it.  Here are a few uncomplicated tips for creating lovely layered looks...

[ONE:  Start with What You Already Own]  Have a favorite dress or top that you feel is 'strictly summer'?  Pull out those favorite pieces, the brighter the better.  See which ones carry a neutral or versatile feel (yes, colors can be worn as neutrals now) and hold them aside for now.

[TWO:  Pick Out Your Favorite Blouses and Knit Tees]  Which one of us doesn't have a collection of much-loved layering tees or blouses?  That's the good news.  The problem arises when we get stuck in the mode of feeling like we can only wear them as defining pieces instead of beautiful accents.

[THREE:  Mix and Match]  Now here's where some of us need to leave our comfort zone and simply play.  Don't be afraid to mix what might seem like mismatched pairs.  It's often these very pieces that come together with the most pizazz.  The pairing of this black and white three-quarter length sleeve tee with this far from casual colorful cap sleeve dress perfectly shows how unexpected choices lead to uniquely beautiful outcomes.  Go back to those seemingly seasonal pieces you selected earlier and layer them over lace tees, patterned blouses or stretchy striped tops.  You'll be pleasantly surprised how fresh and fun the look becomes.

[FOUR:  Add in a Unique Sense of Who You Are]  Every fashion icon has been renowned for a sense of presence and a style mark all her own.  For some it's a silhouette, for others an unmistakable quality (think the ladylike glam of Audrey Hepburn or classic elegance of Jackie O.).  What is it for you?  Take whatever it is that speaks to you and add some element of that to the overall look.  Do you favor a feminine feel?  Add a bow belt or a gorgeous delicate bracelet or bangle.  A menswear fan?  A chunky boyfriend watch is the perfect accessory to add dimension to your look.  As you see, Blair has done both so beautifully.  Most importantly, remember to make the look your own while following these simple tips.  

Now is the perfect time to use the great pieces you already own to add interest and self-expression to your daily look.  I'd love to see how you do it.  Send along your photos of you looking lovely and layered and I'll post your favorites so we can all share our looks.

Thanks so much for reading and have a beautiful Monday!