What I'm Loving About OCTOBER

Fall fashion is easily one of my absolute favorite facets of styling and one of which I can just somehow, never get enough of.  Fall 2012 is no exception.  From saddle shades of logo embossed boots to richly saturated sweaters, one's closet easily runneth over.  And, while I could easily spend the entire week detailing all the season's fabulous finds, let's look at the highlight reel for now....

//BAGS//  Season after season, Tory Burch's appeal knows no limit.  This time around, her soft summer  hues and their complementary fruit-flavored brights have ripened into an array of deep plums and blues to mention just a few.  Marc Jacobs presents just as well with this gorgeous soft pebble hobo I am completely craving right now.  

//SWEATERS//  For as long as I can remember, I've always been a sweater girl.  There's just nothing quite as cozy as slipping into a soft and warm turtleneck or cardi.  This one here is just that and comes in two color combos (burgundy and blue or black and white) for you to choose from.  Enjoy.

//BOOTS//  I have officially begun boot season and my feet could not be happier.  What flip flops are to most girls, boots are to me.  I guess I just love the versatility they lend to any outfit and the classic equestrian feel they evoke.  My favorite pairs of the season are these by Tory Burch and Ralph Lauren. Classic perfection.

//SCARVES//  What the turtleneck does for sweaters, the scarf does for just about any look you casually love.  With the endless prints, patterns and color palettes available, these one time partners of woolly mittens, have become a fashion focal point all year round.

So those chilly October winds seem more than apropos as I happily snuggle into my fall favorites.  How are you styling the season?  I'd love to see your top picks as well.

Have a beautiful Monday!