Freshly Minted

As I made the transition from summer to fall, one closet staple I was certain I would miss was anything and everything in my new favorite hue, mint.  Well, since then, new colors have captivated me (hello bordeaux and blue) but I am thrilled to say that I am finding new ways to freshly mint this much-loved shade.  Helpful, of course, is the fact that many designers and brands have embraced this color trend and are now showing cold weather pieces in this gorgeous color.  These great cords from J. Crew work so beautifully with shades like navy, camel, black and wine, as cool, neutral and blue-based tones make for a lovely color family.  For a bit of whimsy, try adding in a pair of polka dot pumps or a critter sweater.  The end result, a season-ready look that is simple and sweet and harkens back to those much loved days of summer.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful Wednesday!