The Tippi, Two Ways

One of my recent favorite finds is the Tippi Sweater from J Crew.  As with so many of their wonderful pieces this staple comes in a wide array of colors and patterns.  While yes this can sometimes make it harder to choose, it also allows for many styling options.  Here are two different ways I came up with to work it day or night.

//Day Look//  Polka dots get playful.  Bordeaux and navy work together to create a polished daytime look that can carry you through meetings, lunch, projects and whatever the day may bring.  The pairing of the sweater, skirt and nude heels makes it feminine, while undeniably evoking an understated allure.

//Play Look//  Tippi takes it on the town, mixing chic animal print with glam accessories.  By adding in a gold necklace and hoop earrings along with a girlie clutch, you are ready for fashion after dark.

Naturally, the possibilities don't end here.  Tippi is a fun, versatile girl and so easy to style.  With so many color and style options available, you may find yourself picking up more than one or two of these great sweaters.  I say, you can never have too's to the start of a great friendship.