Falling for...Jewel Tones

With summer's days dwindling down, my mind is turning to chillier days and the role color will play this coming season.  As we part ways with the soft pastels and bright pops of summer color, replacing them will be their slightly more sophisticated sisters....the jewel tones.  This fall's color palette will be richly adorned with the likes of bordeaux, teal, golden mustard and navy blue.  What I find especially fun, is the way all these colors mix so well and how any all of them can be used to enhance the other.  Picture navy blue with playful peeks of magenta, black contrasting beautifully with gold or even the ever popular animal inspired pattern prints working with a beautiful shade of spruce.  Gorgeous!  So once again I say, isn't it great being a girl?  Have fun playing with color as you reinvent your fall closet!

Happy Friday and enjoy a wonderful weekend!