An Ode to Jackie ~ the cardigan

When I think of American fashion icons, I immediately envision Jackie Kennedy.  A true trailblazer in her time, she paved the way for all those thereafter who favor(ed) the timeless chic style she perfectly embodied.  In honor of that, I've decided to dedicate today's post to Mrs. Onassis.  From the crisp white capri jean she often favored to the oversized round framed sunglasses, you always know the markings of her fashion thumbprint.  Most recognized - the cardigan.

Here are a couple examples of how that classic piece is oh so relevant yet today.  Whether you dress it up with pearls, pumps and a pencil skirt or keep it relaxed and easy with fun, bright, contemporary colors
of today, you'll never go wrong with this year-round staple piece.  I say thank you to Jackie whose incredible style continues to inspire me today.  I'm curious to know, who are your fashion icons?

Happy Monday!