Have you noticed that chevron has made it's presence wonderfully known in both fashion and home design lately?  I know that I caught the zigzag bug a year or more ago, as I began seeking out frames and pillows in the pattern to happily adorn different rooms in my home.  Now the design has made its way to the racks as well. I almost find it a fun neutral in some ways and it plays well with any and all colors. 

    Here are some shots of my favorite way for it to be used.  They feature Rachel from The Pink Peonies wearing one of the many adorable styles created by Corilynn.  Be sure to check out both of their blogs as they are consistently filled with inspiration and beauty.....enjoy!

Patterns and color go out to play.

Pleated perfection perfectly offset with color and shine.

High-waisted elegance lends a hand to enhance this late spring day look....so pretty!

These gorgeous looks are all courtesy of  the The Pink Peonies and corilynn.  Thank you ladies for your creativity and design!