Lovely autumn has officially arrived bringing with her tons of fresh-takes and new, inspiring ways to style  daily looks for the new season.  Moody colors, monochromatic dressing and cozy layers are just a few reasons why fall is my absolute favorite time to get dressed.  Add to that, gorgeous accessories, rich color palettes and soft, warm fabrics and you'll begin to understand exactly what I mean.

Today I'm styling a few of those very items that tick all the boxes and will be extremely helpful towards getting your fall wardrobe up and running.  Chunky knits are a must-have for me whenever the weather starts to turn a bit cooler.  Whether it's a vest for layering, a roomy jumper or well-fitted black dress, I'm always reaching for these pieces this time of year.  

Fabrics are always dead giveaways of the season at hand and alongside these knits is another much-loved choice of leather.  No longer reserved only for the Moto jacket, leather comes in all shapes and sizes.  From midi skirts that highlight the figure to easy-to-style pants and trousers, leather pieces are showing up just about everywhere this season.

The perfect accessory is one that I think we are all reaching for.  But, for me, it's really the items that best round out your wardrobe and easily work with the items you feel best wearing, that are the smartest ones to invest in as the season starts.  If for you, that means a roomy luxe tote bag to caring along with you while taking the train or perhaps a great pair of sunglasses that compliment both your face shape and the colors and styles you most often wear, then that should be where you invest your money when it comes to these important extras.

I know for me, gold jewelry, a great bag and a pair of sunnies I absolutely love are what make the most sense for me and allow me to get most out of my closet each season.  The pieces I've highlighted here (or ones quite similar) are linked in the thumbnails below.  I hope you've loved reading about them as much as I've enjoyed telling you about them.  Wishing you all a lovely start to your autumn!