With the crisp turn of the page, September is here and I find myself completely refreshed, energized and eager to greet all the fantastic opportunities waiting ahead.  The final four months of the year are by far my absolute favorites.  From the change in the weather, to the endless array of autumn-inspired activities this time of the year holds, I find that I can never get enough and just want to celebrate all season.  There's that and the endless array of clothing options that present themselves in the most gorgeous of ways.  I'll be sharing my favorite pieces and the various ways to wear them with you throughout the coming weeks ahead.

For today, I've put together some pieces that I'm currently loving and that can be easily paired to create quite a few September-ready looks you'll enjoy.  First up is the classic tan trench.  I love this piece for so many reasons.  Mainly, because it works easily for both workwear and casual looks like the ones you see here.  And while you can easily pair it with nearly any color, I
 think it perhaps works most effortlessly, and therefore beautifully, with neutral tones.  

Black pieces are always in season but seemingly more so during the autumn and winter months.  I like to give a nod to that by choosing a style that is temperature appropriate while still reflecting the season ahead.  These leather shorts do just that.  I love them styled with a smart white button down or a fitted top like this one here.  The bit of gold detailing at the top adds the ideal amount of interest, elevating the look a little beyond the day to day.

Closet staples like stripes and well-fitting denim are year-round must-haves alongside some updated ballet flats.  A gorgeous camel bag is always on the list for me and now is the perfect time to transition to a lovely suede version like this one.  Gold jewelry and a nice pair of sunglasses that complement your face-shape make up the simple ways to round out the look while adding the final polished touches.

For me there's nothing quite like these early days of autumn and all of the wonderful ways to get dressed for them.  If you see anything you like here, I've linked the items I've mentioned below.  I hope your month is going quite well and includes some of your favorite thing as well.  Thanks for spending some of it with me!