Autumn days and cozy nights evoke so much emotion in me and leave me wanted to embrace every facet of fall to the fullest extent.  And, of course, no October daydream would be complete without a mention of the gorgeous English countryside.  From the rolling hills to the quaint cottage homes, England holds all the charm and majesty the season has to offer.

Today's look is a nod to all of that. Smokey sage, rich browns and black embers blend together to seamlessly create a timeless look inspired by the autumn outdoors.  And, with transitional dressing being centered upon layering for comfort, these pieces are absolutely perfect for creating a look while keeping comfortable. 

This sleeveless turtleneck bodes well towards building outfits that can embrace warmer days and withstand the autumn chill.  Riding boots and open back ballet flats each find a home among the fall collection as both work beautifully with the items featured here.  I love this low profile pair from Ann Demeulemeester.  Pair them with black denim and this quilted jacket and watch how they carry a quiet confidence while letting the outfit shine.  Then, on those warmer days that come along, these mules, cashmere turtleneck and smart black trousers paired with this tote make the perfect daytime look.

Tortoise accessories, gold jewelry and a rich fall fragrance round out all the pieces as they complement them in every way.  Really is there anything not to love about fall?  All the pieces (or something similar) are linked below.  Hope you love them as much as I do!