Midweek inspo means a borrowed from the boys look this week.  I find it rather interesting the way my once all girlie, all the time style has evolved into moments that are a bit more sophisticated and inclusive of menswear inspired pieces like these.  

Today's post is the perfect example of what that looks like so let's break it down, shall we?  

To me, a well-fitting pair of trousers is an indespensible component of every closet.  The reasons why are practically as endless the number of ways to wear them.   I happen to love them with trainers, a boxy sweatshirt and a Moto jacket just as much as I do paired with ankle boots, a soft knit sweater and a longline quilted vest.  In fact, I'm really loving the new look of this updated piece being seen nearly everywhere at the minute.

And, I have to say  that I'm still a fan of the lieutenant's cap.  I think it's the perfect unexpected bit of interest when added to this look.  I also love it with moody all black and charcoal looks for autumn and winter. 

Finally, add in some silver and gold bits with your jewelry and this handbag in such a stunning shade as this one and you are completely ready for whatever your day holds. 

Hope this leaves you inspired to try something new.  Have a wonderful day wherever your heart takes you...be well!