I'm often asked the question, "What are the most important pieces I need in my wardrobe?" and honestly the answer depends upon you and your personal taste and style. For me, I know that that means staying true to my love and neutrals the classic pieces I love so much.

Whatever you find to be your personal style is what you should embrace and go towards each and every time you are getting dressed. That way you are always certain to be putting your best look forward and feeling confident going out into the day.

Some key elements I find I am always turning to are the basics that I tend to build my wardrobe upon. Today's look highlights that with the pieces you say which not only represent my style but also speak to the new season.

By now you all know of my love of the smart blazer.  Now, this piece can naturally come in a variety of styles. For example, whether you are a fan of the single button variety or the double breasted look this piece offers a wide range of versatility.  Personally I love a bit of an oversized look in a blazer at the minute. I tend to always reach for either a black navy or other neutral shade in this piece. However, in today's post I am featuring this chic version which I'm finding very appealing as well as easy to style in multiple ways. You could pair it with a black skirt and some trainers for an elevated yet casual look. Or you could go with your favorite pair of jeans like I've done here.

While the weather is still a bit on the warmer side, I decided to layer this short-sleeved black linen top underneath. I also am loving these chunky menswear inspired loafers. I just think they pair so well with this entire look as well as with trousers and cropped jumpers or a nice button down shirt during the fall.

Gold jewelry is always at the ready for me and I really like this bangle which works with just so many books you may be creating. I am also a fan of classic pieces like these gorgeous sparkly stud earrings and of course you know I need my sunglasses absolutely everywhere I go no matter the weather, ha ha. This pair is especially nice as they go with nearly all the fall outfits I plan on creating.

Finally, I just ordered this beautiful black bag and cannot wait for it to arrive. While I am a big fan of neutrals, I noticed that a really nice black handbag was one item that was missing from my collection of the bags most often wear.  I'm now eagerly awaiting its arrival and looking forward to unboxing it and letting you know what I think.

And there you have it.  The keys to always looking and feeling your best lie in knowing and honoring your own style and what you feel best wearing. I think that's a pretty good mantra for a Monday. Hope you are having a fantastic start to the week! Thanks for sharing this part I have it with me.