Weekend plans?  You've come to the right place.  These three looks are perfect for just about anything you might have coming up.  Whether it's a lovely day date, brunch with the in-laws or a trip to the local ice cream shop, these three looks would definitely work.

Summer dresses are quite a favorite for me.  Most likely because they are completely versatile and transcend to fit any occasion.  This floral option has such nice colors that are so appropriate for right now as the season wanes down.  The halter top neckline works so well for either a warm day or cooler evening as you could easily pop on a smart blazer or cardigan sweater to wear over it.

Casual looks are so weekend friendly and when paired with neutrals they're even that much better.  This sleeveless sweater is one of my favorites at the minute.  I find that I reach for it routinely as it pairs so well with much of what I own and wear quite often.  These trousers have been in my closet all spring and summer and while I wasn't wearing them as much through the really warm days last month, I find myself going back to them a bit more as the weather cools off just a bit.

And, of course, no weekend would be complete without a sweet treat.  Mine, as you may well know, is ice cream in any variety, haha.  Recently, I enjoyed the most delicious little day date to the local shop and wish I had this denim one piece.  It is such an easy look that requires zero effort but looks completely pulled together.  

Sandals, mules and trainers all work well with these three basics and are even a bit interchangeable depending upon your taste.  Add in a summertime tote, classic handbag or straw clutch and you are all set.   Hope you all have a wonderful weekend...thanks for stopping by!