Finding joy in the everyday has really become something I strive to do consistently and with purpose.  With that, I can tell you it has made a huge difference in how I approach my life and the amount of joy I find in each day.  Adding that same level of contentment into your daily style also works wonders for how you feel while heading out into the day you've planned.  

Today's look is inspired by that line of thinking as it embodies simple pieces, basic colors and classic style perfect for late summer.  Of course, you can never go wrong with black and white no matter what the season.  For summer, however, I love to somewhat color block my outfit and then tie it all together with some nice accessories and footwear to finish off the look.

This top is so fresh and fun.  And while I've styled it numerous ways before, I tend to really like it on top of a pair of wide leg trousers as the two shapes and cuts really balance each other out that way.  Then either some white trainers for a more casual look or a pair of black double strap sandals to elevate things  slightly while keeping it summery and light.  I think I do prefer the latter option as adding a bit of black at the bottom helps to balance the eye and thus the overall look you're achieving.

Accessorizing the look will be easy with some neutral bits like this tortoise shell headband, a straw hat with black detail and some lovely little gold hoops.  Black sunglasses, always if you know me,  a swipe of soft color on the lips and you are finished.

Easy dressing and I have such an affinity for each other, haha.  All these pieces or some similar are linked below.  Love to know your thoughts as well as what you'd like to see next.  Until then...happy summer!