Hello and Happy Friday!  There's something about the beautiful month of June that always makes me just so very happy.  It the absolute perfect month for so many events and all the weddings, parties, celebrations and well, life,  that we missed out on last year are happening now and in a big way.  And I have to tell you that yes, I'm a little excited!

Another June favorite of mine is the beach weekend.  I absolutely love nothing more this time of year than  the thought of sandy beaches, salty breezes and blazing summer sunsets with which to fall in love.  Today's post is dedicated to all of those things with some easy pieces that every beach bag needs right now.  

Naturally, the swimsuit immediately comes to mind.  Do you remember the days of being a kid and wanting nothing more than to jump right into your favorite one and spend the day soaking up all the sunshine?  Well, you can still find the perfect suit to fit you with just a little determination.  This site and store are where I go every single summer to find the suits that seem custom made for me.  Whatever your personal trouble spots are, they will have suit to solve them.  

Flowy linen, casual denim, gorgeous leather and classic accessories all come together to create the absolute perfect beach weekend looks that are completely versatile and so easy to wear.  I don't know that it gets much better than that at the minute.  

What are your favorite beach must-haves?  Well, whatever you've got planned this weekend, I know you'll all do it in style.  Have fun, everyone!