Hello and happy Monday!  I'm not sure about where you are living but I can say for sure that spring has definitely spring here in the NYC area....and I'm loving it.  Now when it comes to any season, for me nothing beats the basics.  Spring is no exception and today I want to take a moment to highlight some of the best spring neutrals I'm enjoying wearing right now.

Despite what was perhaps once true, black is not a winter only staple.  Quite on the contrary, I find all shades of ebony to be year round neutrals that work to accentuate and ultimately tie a look together in such a chic and effortless way.  I love that.

This pair of black denim is one perfect example of why.  I love how flattering the high-waisted cut is and the way I can wear them with just about everything from a basic white tee to a gorgeous flowy blouse like this one I'm sharing here.  The full sleeve and soft neckline are both so feminine and easy to wear.  You can either tuck it in to show off the waistline or wear it out for a really easy spring or summer look.

Basic neutrals that are as simple as these really pair well with some equally understated accessories that have maybe just a bit of interest to draw the eye in and make for a really stylish look.  This headband fits the bill.  I am still a fan of this style from time to time and I think that the bit of animal print sort of ties everything together without being at all crazy or overdone.  If this pattern is not your style, perhaps a pearl accented option might be something you like a bit better.  This one is very pretty too.

Mules are huge again this spring and I'm still wearing them a lot.  This pair is so nicely designed and I love the way the black keeps the flow and feel of the look going from head to toe.  s

Of course, sunnies are a part of the look and this pair is my current favorite.  These croissant hoops have also become some of my most worn lately.  They're also perfect for summer coming up and look really, really nice with a low bun all season long.

Finally, my Chloe C mini bag in taupe would be the perfect one to finish off the entire look with the gold hardware playing so well with the earrings and the soft color perfectly complementing the entire black and white look.

Neutrals and basics are a match made in heaven and I absolutely love them all seasons of the year.  Hope you took something helpful away from today's post.  Have a wonderful day everyone...see you in the next one!