One look at gorgeous Jamie O'Banion's face and my immediate thought was, "I have to have her skin!" I mean from taut and toned to hydrated, plump, and bouncy (not to mention absolutely flawless and glowing) there is nothing I wouldn't do to emulate that kind of beauty.  

  Lucky for us, it turns out, this is an easy little fix. Of course, you could spend tons of money on Upper East Side top doc visits, schedule weekly treatments and spend all your hard-earned cash on procedures you may love or live to regret. But, no need to sell out your soul. The way to get the glow is to grab this incredible little tool known as the BeautyBio GloPRO Micro Needler.

 I, of course, had heard the hype and even might have thrown an eye roll or two while listening to the claims and promises on this one but for whatever reason, probably Jamie's firm and fascinating complexion sans makeup mind you, I gave it a try. And out of all the drawers and cabinets I have filled with beauty must-haves, this is the one product that is my ride or die.  Yes, it's that life-changing, haha.

  But seriously, investing in less than five minutes a day sessions three times a week has given me such incredible changes I can see and feel when I look in the mirror. This is coming to you from a girl who had tried everyyyyything to get the glow and has never, ever seen results like this. Ever. My skin has gone from good to great in what is literally seeming like an overnight sensation.

   I promise you that after using it yourself, for less time than it would take to get an appointment with that elusive derm doc, all your family and friends will be wishing they had one in their hot little hands.  

  So, as a skincare lover and sometimes skeptic, I had to know what made it so effortlessly effective. The key?  It is in the combination of the microneedles and their ability to rejuvenate the skin combined with the red light therapy.  By gently and safely "injuring the skin" you are allowing your otherwise slowed collagen production to instantly ramp up and get your skin to act like it did when you were a kid and too young to appreciate all that poreless perfection. What that means is that unlike traditional exfoliation via scrubs or chemical peels, etc. microneedling is instead vertical exfoliation for the skin. Each time a needle passes over the top layer of your skin, it is safely creating vertical microchannels into the skin. These tiny channels allow your skincare products (like these game-changers I wrote about here) to actually penetrate as opposed to simply sitting on top of the skin. And, they signal the regeneration process, aka the increased production of collagen, which is what gives your skin that bounce, firmness and overall smoothing effect we all crave.

  I've been using mine at nighttime on freshly cleaned skin. It's as easy as dividing your face into four sections that you focus on. Right top, right lower, left top, left lower. Spend two minutes rolling your GloPRO in three directions (horizontally, vertically, and diagonally) across the section you're working on. Then move on to the next area. Yup, that's it. Follow it with your favorite serum (which your freshly needled skin will absolutely drink up.  I love this one) and get ready to glow tomorrow. I actually noticed a glow right away but that is my skin's way of letting me know it's been woken up. You can even feel your skincare seeping in and working afterwards. And, the real results come in the morning, haha.

  And that's it. I know, nothing in life is that simple. But, this is. I promise you that you will thank me. And your future face will do that every single day. What could be better than that? We live in a beautiful world.  If you'd like to learn even more be sure to check out Beauty Bio's site here.

Have a wonderful autumn weekend everyone and thanks for sharing part of it with me.