October is such a gorgeous month and just so cozy on all levels.  Colorful landscapes are all I've been seeing and they are completely lighting me up.  The wines, golds and chestnuts of autumn simply can not be matched.  However, we can't forget that Halloween is just a few days away now and that means, we are back in black.  Whether that's a head-to-toe moment for you or a mix of black and some more muted tones, this color is about to own the moment right now.

So, black can go in so many directions and is always a good thing when it comes to styling.  Why not start ours with a great fitting pair of mom jeans.  Honestly, I'm not quite sure how I feel about that name because it feels like it carries a little bit of a negative connotation, haha. But anyway, these high-waisted honeys are my favorite style of the moment.

So like I said, you can choose to either go all black or you can mix in some really beautiful neutrals which is what I'm doing here today. This cashmere turtleneck for example is one of my favorite pieces and in my rotation heavily right now. I love how you can wear it with a lot of other neutrals or denim perhaps or even with a print or a plaid.  You all know me and for a piece to find its way into my closet then it has to be wearable multiple ways. I don't think that'll be changing any time soon.  

Black is so popular for many reasons, versatility being one of them.  I love how many pairs of black shoes one girl can have without ever feeling like any two look the same.  Shoe girls are you with me? Haha.  Yes, it's true.  This pair of Chelsea boots, for example, will be such a good option with this look as well as with a casual dress and black blazer, a pair of trousers and a wool coat or with boyfriend denim and a chunky oversized cropped sweater.  Conversely, you could reach for this pair of high-tops and pull off a great top to bottom all black look.  I happen to love either option and have worn both on numerous occasions which is always a sign of a well-chosen outfit that suits who you are.

Black accessories offset by bits of gold are forever going to be a classic choice.  I love this watch for that reason and these earrings speak (albeit quite softly) for themselves.  Never underestimate the allure of a simple pair of black sunnies (love these) and you will have yourself a chic little black outfit perfect for these days coming up on Halloween.

In what ways do you guys like to wear your black basics?  I always love hearing your takes on how to style things too!  Hope everyone is enjoying the week...See you on Friday!