It's Friday.  It's almost fall and we need to start thinking about switching out our closets for what's next.  Now, if you're at all like me, this is something you start looking forward to some time in early August, haha.  But for most of the rest of the world, it doesn't usually cross your mind until the leaves start changing and the air becomes crisp.  And while I love the idea of what a closet change over means, I don't feel the same about the actual can be a lot of work!

Okay, together we can get through this.  I'm turning to H&M to show you how simple it is to get your closet into transitional mode.    They are a retailer that I enjoy supporting for a few reasons.  Their price points are easy on the eyes.  Their silhouettes are modern and fresh.  Sizing runs true.  And they do it all in a seriously sustainable way (you can learn more about that here).

So, if I told you that you could refresh for fall with a mere seven pieces, would you believe me?  Haha, well you should!  It's way easier than it seems.  Remember, a refresh is not a makeover.  It is an assessment of what you have and love versus what you no longer want or need.  Then from there, you can add in a select set of new pieces that mix and match together or that work well with what you already own.  

I find that clean lines and neutral palettes work best.  Think of it as the basics but with a bit more personality to play with.  The perfect example is this little frock.  It's flouncy and full, feminine and flattering and steals the show with its animal print pattern.  I love too how you can wear it right now with a pair of mules and big leather tote.  Then later, it cozies up to knee-high boots, an oversized scarf and this jacket. Oh hey, October. 

When it comes to jackets, autumn is their season and with that comes the reason they are a must-have.  Denim versions can work overtime to support casual and sporty, schoolgirl and playful and simple everyday chic.  I love the possibilities.

A classic dress is always in the rotation for me.  This one is so perfect with just the right touch of glam.  Love it.  

Round these picks out with some casual options.  Lightweight layering tops and early season sweaters will get major mileage now and throughout the upcoming weeks.  Pair them up with a pair of high-waisted jeans or black denim and you can creatively create multiple style looks.

See, I told it was easy!  I hope that inspires you to streamline what you need and look fabulous doing it.  Happy Friday everyone...Have a great weekend!