Do you all know that feeling?  The one you get when you are blissfully sitting in your hair stylist's chair and they are effortlessly creating the perfect mane using only a a round brush and the flick of an expertly trained wrist.  Yeah, that's the feeling of true bliss. I mean, all things considered it is a pretty wonderful moment of self-care satisfaction.  But, I don't think it's something we all indulge in on the daily.  So, what to do in between?  Today's tips can have you looking like you visit the salon each day and feeling fabulous because as we know, that is what great hair days do, haha.

There are a few key tools and products you need to have at the ready to get the job done.  The first is a really great hair towel.  Water is essentially THE enemy of strong, glossy, healthy locks.  Of course, water exposure is a necessity but not a daily requirement.  If possible, it's best to only wash your hair 2 -3 times per week.  Some long haired girls can actually stretch this out to once per week but for me, that's a bit of a challenge.  So, whenever I need to give mine a wash,  I am always reaching for this turban.  It is the best solution I've found for getting my hair to dry naturally without the need for lots of extra heat.  I simply bundle my hair up inside and secure it up top while I get on with the rest of my get ready routine.  

Once it is nicely towel dried, I always add in a super hydrating leave-in conditioner.  This one is extra luscious as it not only moisturizes my hair, it also gives it amazing body.  If you have fine hair, this is golden.  If you are looking for moisture and a heat protectant (plus other healthy hair goodies) I recommend giving this spray a try.  Not only is it a fantastic multi-tasker, it smells absolutely incredible too.  Must try.

Now for the game changer.  Every great stylist has a a secret that they swear by.  The blow dryer.  When I first started buying beauty tools I, much like most of us, went out and got a basic drugstore dryer.  What I didn't know was how unhealthy and damaging they can be for your hair.  Fast forward to today's technology and the endless array of options and you have the hairstyling world all at your fingertips.  And, while there are many excellent options to choose from, I have found love right here with this one.  It comes with three heat settings and two fan speeds.  It also features a cool shot button which I love.  Beyond those basics, I also have to say that it is super light which is important for those of us who are going to take a bit longer to get the job done (hello, long hair!).  That said, whenever I finish using this golden child I come away with a glossy, smooth, frizz free finish.  Definite hair goals.

The partner in crime to any good dryer is the perfect brush for your style goals.  While the options include everything from a well-sized round brush to a smoothing paddle style, I have found that this one blends the best of all worlds.  The bristles stimulate my scalp without tearing or pulling the hair and the rounded edges allow me to create both wavy as well as super straight styles.

Finally, I always love to end on a high note.  Enter this miracle in a bottle.  Shine is everything when it comes to the perfect blowout.  Using these four tips above will get you tons of body, bounce and gloss.  But adding a little extra insurance is never a bad idea because as we all know, humidity and rain happen.  So to protect my efforts and extend my look I always finish with a good shine spray.  This one has been producing really nice results for me.  A light mist is all you need and you are all set for whatever you've planned that day.  And, the next several to follow because we all know, a great blowout will last for days.

I hope you all enjoyed these easy yet achievable little tips for scoring a salon-worthy look at home.  Please let me know how they work for you!  Thanks for sharing part of your day here, can't wait to see you on Friday!