Hello Monday!  So, I noticed something. Can you feel it? That exciting sense that beautiful changes are coming?  It's definitely in the air.  September arrives tomorrow and I am soooo excited!  I've always said that I could never live in California despite its beauty simply because I just love the change of seasons so much, haha.  And, autumn is my absolute favorite one of all.  So much so, it makes me giddy!  

That eagerness to turn the page has inspired today's post.  The items that I'm featuring here represent those that make getting dressed something you look forward to because we all know that we are way nicer when our outfit is cute!  Kidding.  But seriously,  I'm always happy when I feel good about what I'm wearing.

So, what are the keys to transitional dressing?  Honestly, it's all about versatility and the ability to pair and wear these items in a variety of ways.  Take the shirtdress for example.  On a warmer day it's perfect with mules, sunnies and a headband.  But, if the temps are cooler it can easily be worn with ankle boots, a long cardigan and a really cute hat (love this one).  

The plaid blouse is a fall staple for me.  I love it paired with jeans and a cami so that I can tie it around my waist as the day heats up.  I also can never get enough of a well-fitting cardi sweater.  It can be simply tossed over a tee and leggings alongside your favorite sneakers and baseball cap.  Or it can tag along on date night and be worn over a flowing maxi dress during that after dark stroll.

I love options don't you?  Autumn comes with so many wonderful things to choose from and your closet finds should always be one of them.  What's everyone looking forward to this coming month?   I'm actually working on my fall bucket list right now.  My only wish is that it lasted longer than a few months!  Hope you're having a great day doing whatever it is you love...