The thought of less is more has always intrigued me, as in many cases it is true.  Pairing down and simplifying can be so gratifying in so many instances as we have all now come to see.  One place I find it has always be so, is in my closet.  Now, before I go on I must first say that yes, I love clothes.  And a well-curated wardrobe makes me happy, but to really accentuate your style, you often don't need more of something but rather a better balance between what you have.  Personally, I love classic pieces that are well-made and present a modern touch.  The lines on a piece of clothing, the way it's cut and the flattering silhouette it casts on the body are the key elements to a look and to a wardrobe that wows.  That is why I feel slightly more expensive pieces are often worth the occasional splurge as they essentially pay for themselves over time.  These ten picks here today are some examples of what well thought out items can look like but are priced at a very happy price point for us all (they are all under $100!).  Colors (and by that I mean neutrals) also play a major role in creating outfits that flatter all skin tones, can be easily mixed and matched and always stand the test of time.  Classics are called such for a reason and their ability to live infinitely is that very reason why.  So whether your budget is big or small, there are simple pleasures for us all.  That sounds like a beautiful thing to me.  These pieces are each shoppable for you in the thumbnails below.  Drop me a line and let me know what you think!