Mid-January means it's time for the January edit.  A list of all the items I'm currently craving right now.  January can sometimes be a bit of a letdown after the holidays but I love to look at it as fresh start and simple way to reassess what I want, need, love and can live without.  These pieces make the cut which is why I need to share them with you, haha.  So, this vest is, I know, as pricey as it is pretty but if you're a fan of Moncler and can find a way to swing it, you definitely won't be sorry.  For as much as I love the parka version, this one may be even more practical as you can easily layer it with other cold weather favorites and later pair it with light athleisure pieces while wearing it right into March.   January and pjs are a match made in heaven as cold nights and frigid mornings make for extended stays at the fireplace.  This pair is perfect.  Our skin requires a different sort of love right now.  This super serum is the stuff porcelain skin dreams are made of.  Hydrating, silkening and smoothing...this is a genie in a bottle.  For those of us who love layers and hate bulk, this bodysuit is for you.  Sleek and simple, it will hug your curves in all the right places.  Last but not least, I love a great signature scent and this is mine all winter long.  Warm, feminine and slightly sweet, it's like a cashmere hug on a cold winter's day.  

Hope you have some January favorites keeping you warm and cozy today too.  Please share, I'd love to add some to my list!  Have a great day everyone and thanks for reading!