Hello pretties!  There is one question I get asked a lot every time I come back form a haul and it is, "What are your favorite things to buy at Sephora?"  The answer to that depends on so many factors including what's the season, what have I been wanting to try, what are my current empties and when is the next Insider event?  Enjoying that 20% off opportunity is no joke and that is the time I reserve for those big ticket items (hello DysonGHD and NuFace).  But on a regular basis I'm always refilling my cart with the basics I love and that really work for me.  This miracle in a tube is one such thing.  Drunk Elephant's sunscreen is a year-round must for me.  Non-irritating, skin-loving and cleanly made its formula is a good for your face and the SPF is for your body.  This formula is especially lovely as the soft tint melts beautifully into the skin leaving you not even needing any additional coverage if you don't want it.  

Great haircare is a must and something I'm always stocking up on, especially when I find one line I love.  This is that line.  After enjoying various love affairs with other brands which I still find worthwhile, I've become faithful to the three-step system that is built upon making hair stronger from the inside out as it preserves your hair color, texture and shine.  Since I started using it a month ago, I've really seen a change!  

Effective skincare at a very reasonable price is something we all want.  This somewhat newer line promises just that.  I've tried a few of their offerings so far and they reminded me of this equally affordable line which I love.  Last on my happy little list is a really good palette featuring whatever you wear the most from a line you can't live without.  For me that's this eyeshadow palette from the original beauty maven, Bobbi Brown.  Bobbi's colors are always so complimentary, and bring that the   beautiful best in every woman who wears them.  I can always spot a gorgeous Bobbi girl!

So that's the long answer to the "What to buy?" question when it comes to Sephora.  There are some other favorites I always am sure to stock up on and I've linked those below for you.  As for that highly anticipated VIB and Rogue sale, it's said to be happening again in November.  I'll be sure to share my top picks once that one goes live.  

Hope sure having a beautiful day...see you on Friday!