How's everyone's week been?  I've been having so much fun checking off all the boxes on my summer bucket list.  Living on the east coast so close to both the beach and the city make for soooo many diverse opportunities but that's a whole other post, haha.  Okay, so for today I wanted to take a moment to talk about all the beauty deals going on over at the Nordstrom Anniversary sale right now.  From haircare to at-home facial devices this sale has something that everyone can use and the prices are incredible.  

So if you're a fan of the Face Gym then you already know the benefits of working your facial muscles.  Toning, lifting and firming are just a few.  This little gem will help you see similar results right from home.  I love my NuFace and hardly ever go a day without the benefits of its microcurrent magic.  Why would I when I can enjoy them from the comfort of my bed and pillows at home? Haha. 

This microneedling kit is another miracle worker.  In fact if you can only grab one thing let it be this.  The tiny needles held in the brush head are designed to reignite collagen production as the led light stimulates regenerative benefits that show every time you look in the mirror.  And this set includes heads for both the body and the face.

These makeup brushes, this handheld cleansing device and this sleek dryer are some of the other gorgeous deals going on this year.  What you'll want depends upon what you and your skin, hair and/or makeup routine are seeking right now.  No matter what you're after, you'll find a fantastic way to satisfy it here.  My top picks are all linked below.  Let me know what you think and what you'll be picking up this year!  Have fun loves!