TGIF!  Funny but that phrase still applies in the summer, especially if you have something special lined up that you've been waiting all week for.  Before I get started on my weekend plans, I'm going to first head over the Nordstrom's site where the Anniversary Sale is now open to the public.  This is huge for many reasons, most importantly the incredible savings.  Pre-season sales are hard to come by and fantastic ones like this...pretty much a unicorn.  Haha!  Actually, I'm not kidding.  The one thing to be mindful of, however, is that these deals sell out fast.  As in within minutes of going live sometimes.  If there's a downside to all this giddiness, that'd be it. That's why I head over early and often to be sure to score the items I really need and see when the top sellers have been restocked.  

You may have seen this post from last week where I shared the items I bought when the sale began for cardholders.  Now for today, I'm looking at all the cute and cozy pieces I'd love to add to my collection.  As always, I've linked my favorites down below for you if you find that you love them too.  Shop early, shop often, save big...enough said, haha!

I hope everyone enjoys the weekend...we're in for a HOT one here on the east coast.  Have fun!