Happy Friday!  What's everyone doing this weekend?  If you're heading to the beach, lounging at the pool or even just spending some time enjoying outdoors then the likelihood is your hair is being exposed to more damage and stressors than usual.  If you're noticing that summer fun is starting to show on your tresses not to worry.  Today's post is all about excellent ways to do damage control and prevent hair havoc from happening.  

First things first, trimming your ends on a regular basis is a must.  As counterintuitive as it seems, snipping the ends will actually help your hair grown longer and healthier as breaking begins at at the bottom and can cause strands to split up towards the root.  Hydration is key when it comes to maintaining the health and suppleness of your hair.  A great mask packed with oils that can penetrate the hair shaft is something I indulge in weekly.  This one leaves my hair feeling so soft and silky and just completely nourished.   

My hairstylist swears by this line and I am so excited to try this dry oil mist from them.  Rich in marula oil and perfect to toss in your bag and spray on at the beach.  You'll be silky and hydrated all day long.

 Also remember, beauty starts from within.  Be sure you are treating your body well and nourishing your hair with the proper vitamins and minerals it craves.  These yummy gummy supplements are filled with the hair enhancing nutrients your body needs.  Try taking them for a month and I promise you'll notice the beautiful results in your hair, skin and nails.

  Finally, treat your tresses gently when brushing and combing by investing in a boar bristle brush and a wide tooth comb.  Wet hair is the weakest so I always take care to comb it through with a comb like this one.  Then, once it's dry, a boar bristle brush will allow you to care for our hair without causing any unnecessary pulling or tugging that leads to breakage.

Simple steps like these are easy ways to care for your hair and ensure that your style only gets better over time.  Honestly, they are not that hard and actually something I look forward to as I know the benefits of taking the time for a little self care.

Hope you all are enjoying these wonderful days of summer...does it get any sweeter? Haha...actually it does because the Nsale is now underway and cardholders are invited to enjoy early access.  Details on how to sign up are here and I will be back soon with my first picks for fall!

Have a great weekend everybody!