Monday morning alarm clocks should be optional but in case yours isn't, here are some wonderful ways to sleep chic.  Cozy means everything to me when it comes time to catch some zzzs.  These pajamas are not only super cute but sooooo comfy too.  Silky and soft and they come in this fun little animal print.  I'm also a fan of cozy feet and these slippers are so dreamy.  They hug your feet in softness and leave room for apr├Ęs pedi time.  Scents are a big part of my nighttime routine and this body creme from Donna Karan puts me in the perfect mood for a restful night's sleep.  Soft, feminine and light, I love it for daytime too!  This lip sleeping mask is what I swipe on every night right before I get into bed.  It's soft not sticky and so ultra hydrating that the next morning when I wake up my lips are extra plump and pillowy.  Mornings are the perfect time to cap off what was a great night's sleep and this beauty tool is so incredible at doing that.  This rose quartz roller gently massages away any puffiness we all occasionally see and wakes the face up by stimulating blood flow and giving us a rosy glow.  

I love all that beauty sleep is and all the wonderful benefits it gives to our bodies.  Pieces like these make a favorite time of day even more enjoyable.  Hope everyone is having a productive's to those sweet dreams later tonight!