Happy Wednesday loves!  Can anyone believe we are nearly halfway through the month already?! Better yet it's only a week or so until spring.  I love the feeling of being on the cusp of a brand new season and all the wonderful anticipation it brings.  These pretty pieces capture all those feelings so perfectly.  Who doesn't love the classic feel of denim.  Each spring it's one staple I always reach for.  I especially love it when it's in the form of a skirt or jacket.  Sneakers are a year round must but this pair is a must right now.  I saw someone wearing them at Panera the other day and had to ask where she found them, haha.  I think the ruffle detail is sweet without being childlike.  This home fragrance brings a breath of fresh air inside.  I've been using it around my home and have to say...it's intoxicating.  Eyelet details are a late spring must-have but if you want to wear it then, you need to get it now.  These pieces that you want the most are always the ones that fly off shelves.  Everybody must feel the same!  Check out all these pieces and more in the thumbnails below as we enjoy these last few days of winter!

Thanks for stopping by everyone!