TGIF! We made it to Friday and that's always reason to celebrate, haha.  Today I'm also celebrating some of my favorite fellow blogger babes and their incredible sense of style, beautiful families and brilliant passion for what they do.  Not only are these girls pretty in their pictures, they're also lovely in real life.  I've had the pleasure to meet up with almost all of them different industry events and can tell you they are just as sweet in person.  

Caitlin Covington is the definition of a southern belle.  If you've never seen her blog, Southern Curls and Pearls add it to your list now.  She and her hubby are the most adorable newlyweds and their cute pup Winnie  is absolutely darling.  She's definitely one to follow if you love southern style and have a   case of wanderlust.

Rach Parcell was the first blogger I ever followed and one of the reasons I was inspired to begin blogging myself.  Her uber feminine site, Pink Peonies, is not only gorgeous but the place I always go to when I want to be inspired.  Rachel started her blog like many of us do, as a way to express her creativity and love of fashion.  Since then she has gone on to create her own clothing line and see her childhood dreams come true.  I'm so inspired by her entrepreneurial achievements and the way she balances them so beautifully with being a loving wife and mother.

Kat Tanita and I met years ago in NYC and I was instantly taken by her candid nature and beautiful spirit.  She's definitely the type of person who you feel like you've known forever and who you can relate to instantly.  Kat is a free spirit and she writes each day from the heart.  I've loved following her journey from NYC to L.A. over on her blog, With Love From Kat and the heartfelt honesty she always portrays.  Her style is elegant and fresh and depicts that of a glamour girl wise beyond her years.

Mara Ferreira is to me today's Dorothy from Oz.  Homegrown, genuinely caring and always kind...Miss Mara is a sweet source of all the wonderful things life can be.  She began her blog M Loves M when it was just her and her husband Matthew.  Since then their journey has led them to become the parents of two angelic children to which she is a fabulous mama!  Her blog is done to earth and features an ethereal feel of Boho chic.  Mara is a sweetheart and I'm so happy of her success on all levels!

Finally, there are Meggan and Brooke from the style guide, Somewhere, Lately.  While I've never met  either of these two ladies, I can bet we'd become fast friends.  With Brooke blogging from New York and Meggan from Texas these two come together seamlessly to share their style savvy and fashion finds.  I love how they are the epitome of the everygirl and show that while the struggle is real so are they.  Personal passion trumps trials and tribulations.

If you follow any of these blogs then you know what I mean.  If not, definitely head on over to check out each one.  You won't be disappointed.  Thank you to each of these incredible ladies.  While of course your beauty and style shines on the outside, it pales in comparison to the beauty within.  Love you all!!