Midweek means it's time to reassess those goals for the week and see how things have been going.  If getting your workout in is one of them, today's post is just for you.  While working out has its ups and downs, these sporty pieces make it so much more fun.  So, if you're heading to barre, spin, yoga or out for a run, you'll definitely want to give these activewear options a look.  A great sweatshirt is something I always want to grab even if I'm not working out.  Have you all seen the incredible number of options there are today?  From Sweaty Betty to Topshop it seems like everybody has a player in the game.  Great warm up and cool down pieces are always a must-have.  This one by Zella is so flattering and looks perfect paired with these yoga pants for an apr├Ęs workout smoothie.  Fun details like this backpack and this easy to take on the run bag round out the look and leave you ready to go.  Don't forget to pack your gym-friendly beauty essentials.  I love this volumizer.  It leaves my hair so full and bouncy.  I also can't be without a really good dry shampoo.  This one is supposed to be incredible and is on my list to try.  

What about all of you?  What are your favorite pieces that make your workout worthwhile?  I'd love to know! Hope everyone is having a great week!