Hi everyone...welcome back from the weekend!  Hope you all enjoyed a great one.  I spent part of mine taking in the city sights, catching up with friends and perusing the farmer's market.  I love doing that on a Sunday!  So many fresh and healthy items that I love bringing back home to my kitchen. 

In keeping with that, today I'm sharing some of the best ways I know to inspire your workout routine.  Cute and comfy options make all things better.  These leggings do just that.  I love the geometric detailing and unexpected interest that they add.  

A really great sports bra is not to be underestimated.  This one is a favorite of mine because of its fit and how pretty it looks on.  Who knew going to the gym could be pretty, right?  Haha!  

This pink duffel bag proves that it can be.  I adore how soft it is and the feminine color.  You can also toss it in the wash so that it's always fresh and ready!  

These sneakers are a must for me.  I fell in love with the colors and can picture them with so many great colors this fall.  Add in a really cute water bottle like this one and you're ready, set,go.  

What's your favorite workout that keeps you motivated and coming back for more?  Mine are definitely barre and spin.  Just soooo good.  Hope you're all having a great Monday...Thanks for stopping by!