TGIF ladies!  It's been a busy week and I'm ready for some weekend style R and R.  Are you with me? Haha.  

The weekend is always the perfect time to reflect upon a week well spent and bask in the glow of your accomplishments.  They don't always have to be major ones and can sometimes include the fact that you simply took a risk, made a positive change or acknowledged that you did your best and it's time for what's next.  

Whatever the case may be, take time to celebrate you.  And, while material items are not needed to do so, sometimes it just feels good to treat yourself.  Little things always do the trick for me. 

 Candles are the perfect example.  Ours senses are so strongly tied to our emotions and play a major role in affecting how we feel.  One thing I love to do on a Sunday night is light a few great  smelling candles and take a long hot bath.  These are some of the best I've tried.  

New beauty treats are also fun to indulge in on days when the morning routine allows for extra me time.  This foundation from Bobbi Brown is a new addition to my beauty bag.  Silky smooth and effortlessly bendable, this one seriously melts into your skin leaving it dewy, fresh and flawlessly perfected.  

This phone case, these sunnies and this purse to carry them all in are all on my mind at the moment.  What's even better is nearly all of them are part of the final few items available at the #Nsale.  If you haven't shopped it yet, head on over before Sunday as prices go up August 6th.  

Hope everyone is having a fantastic Friday...Happy weekend!