Hello Friday, we've been waiting for you!  While every day brings something to be thankful for, Friday carries its own kind of magic.  I'm kinda guessing you agree.  This weekend has me feeling some west coast vibes.  With daily inspo from incredibly talented west coast babes, it doesn't come as much surprise.  Kat Tanita and Mara Ferreira are each as sweet as they are stunning.  Check out their blogs here and here.  These looks are fashioned after some of the incredible styles they sport.  Easy casual with a touch of glam and boho chic elevated by feminine flair captures the feel.  I'm currently craving every piece you see right here...shocking!  Haha, but if I could only pick three pieces form this set they'd be these whitewashed jeans, this gorgeous skirt and this brilliant clutch.  Each and every one can be effortlessly paired with pieces already hanging in your closet.  And  you can dress them up or pair them down depending where it is you want to go.  In case you're like me and want to window shop all you see, I've linked them all in the thumbnails below.  

Hope you're having a great Friday and your weekend's off to a beautiful start!