Getting out in nature always brings new perspective and lends remarkable creativity to my thoughts.  Being lucky enough to live close by to several lovely parks, I love any chance I get to spend there taking in the sights.  Grabbing a few comfy essentials make it that much more fun.  A soft hoodie, great pair of cargo or jogger pants and distressed denim jacket are the perfect cute uniform for some time outdoors.  I also love this water bottle for so many reasons.  It is first off, so gorgeous to look at, loves the environment and keeps whatever I put in it the exact right temperature whenever I want to take a sip.  These glasses are also on my list.  Anyone who knows me knows I love my sunnies and this pair  is beautiful.  I always want a hardworking cross body by my side so I, don't have to.  This one is so versatile and I love how it effortlessly embraces both casual and fashion forward moments.  

Hope you're all setting some game-changing goals this week...Let's crush 'em.