If there's one thing I am it is a girly-girl.  Ruffles,  feminine accents, florals and all things pink only begin to describe the direction my eye goes when seeing new trends.  Today I decided to juxtapose things just a little bit and throw a little menswear inspo into the mix.  My single must-have piece this very moment is beyond a doubt the ruffle sweater.  Could there be anything more darling than this?  Cast it in pink and I am completely sold.  But should that look prove to be to saccharine for some, why not throw in a great menswear-inspired trench (this one is less than $120), a little boyfriend denim, some ink and slate tones and these killer booties (under $90!).  Suddenly the girl next door has an unmistakable edge.  If any of these pieces or pairings are calling you, you can find them all linked below along with some similar styles you'll love too.  Hope everyone is having a lovely Wednesday!

x ~ K