Have you ever gone rifling through your makeup bag and found yourself wondering, "What IS all this?"  Well, never fear my dear, today I'm paring down all the extras and leaving room only for the basic beauty must-haves your makeup bag needs.  First and foremost is a really great primer.  As I know I've mentioned before this primer was sent to me as a sample and immediately claimed the top spot in my little arsenal.  Aside from excellent skincare and faithfully following an effective regime (this line is my absolute favorite for instant gratification and incredible longterm results) your primer is what sets the stage for award-winning beauty and looks.  And if you are devoted to treating your skin right every day and every night then it's likely you can skip the heavy foundations and dust on a beautiful mineral powder instead (love this one).  A pretty palette of shadows is every girl's best friend.  Like us, it changes its mind and mood often...perfect company, haha.  One other quick trick I'll share is that you don't need a lip liner to achieve a perfect pout.  This lip cream is the secret weapon I never leave home without.  It allows me to gently color or boldly build my lips to the exact right shade for the occasion at hand.  All that and it does not fade.  Give it a try...for under $5 you won't be disappointed.  

I hope you all have some fun things planned for this winter weekend.  I will be getting cozy by the fire among other things and enjoying some time off.  Have fun darlings!

x ~ K