May is on the move and although the East coast feels more like the tunrda than it does Tahitian, summer is really not all that far away.  That means, beaches, summer sails, poolsides and the need for oh so many swimsuits, haha.  Actually, no matter how many I acquire, there's always room for more it seems.  This year, I am taking things in a bit of a different direction and loving all things maillot.  The look of this style one piece is so classically glam and just so chic.  I'm especially loving the crocheted styles I'm seeing lately and everything white.  One place that is filled with glam little pieces is Anthropologie.  So well known for their love of all things vintage, their swim collection is no exception.  If you have an extra five or ten (or fifty!) minutes to spare be sure to hop on over there and check out the goodies.  This suit is top on my list.  Which is yours?  You can shop all my other favorite picks below.  Hope your week is off to a lovely start!  


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