Happy Monday! There's just something so inviting about a lovely little workspace that is perfectly adorned with all the pretties that keep everything you need right at your fingertips.  While perusing Pinterest and all its beauty and design, I've come across hundreds (more likely thousands) of sources of gorgeous inspiration for the home office.  From golden-toned paper clips and staplers to monogrammed  well, everything, the possibilities are endless.  Today I'm sharing a few of my most favorite well adorned desks and the special touches that make them so swoonworthy.  This planner, from Anthropologie via The Day Designer, is my idea of perfection with its pretty gold striping and allotted spots for your most important to-do's, goal setting and daily gratitudes.  Does it get better than that?  A bit of sparkle goes a long way towards motivating the creative flow inside us all.  These gold accessories look so beautiful atop my desk and work so effortlessly with the complementary shades of white, pink and accents of black that surround them.  Fresh blooms are always on my 'gotta have it' list and glancing over at them while working makes a good day even happier.  One way I love to add extra personality to mine is to display them in beautiful, used Diptyque candle jars.  Once your fragrant tumbler has been used, just clean it out and fill it with fresh water and you instantly add a new sense of pretty to those petals while recycling in the loveliest of ways!  These Kate Spade filing folders, these pencils and this lucite and gold accented desk tray make me happy, product (almost!) happy when Monday is here.  More great desktop decor must-haves are linked below.  Enjoy them all, as one is prettier than the next!


Photo credits: theglitterguide.com sequinsandstripes.com stephaniesterjovski.com lonny.com  stylemepretty.com bliss-athome.com