Sometimes there's nothing better than indulging in a great daydream. That being so, what could possibly be better than a Paris daydream?  From the gorgeous architecture to the splendid shopping and decadent foods, this romantic city sets the picture perfect backdrop for some daydream believing.  The idea of an apartment in Paris is something I can't get enough of right now.  Tall, airy windows with tons of light flooding in, a watercolor canvas displaying just the right mix of ivories, blushes and creams and a few glamorous pieces including a well adorned vanity, a relaxing chaise lounge and the chicest little accent pieces.  It is a daydream after all, so why hold back?  Seriously though, since feeling so inspired by this city and all its beauty, I can't help wanting to infuse sweet Parisian touches into my world and home right now.  That will be an exciting way to live the dream before stamping my passport.  With dreams of la vie est belle let's make a beautiful Wednesday!          


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