In honor of the French's celebration of Bastille Day, I've drawn upon Parisian perfection and put together a collection of my favorite French-inspired looks.  The staples of French girl style are simple and elegant which is why they come together so stunningly.  The simplicity of it all is what I find so alluring and surprisingly easy to emulate.  These five pieces are really all you need to complete the look.  A striped tee…preferably done in navy or black and white this piece can be dressed up (hello pencil skirt) or down (think boyfriend jeans) and always looks right.  The skinny white pant…we're not talking skintight but just fitted enough to complement your curves.  A classic jacket…it's the understated piece that never fades and ties the look together.  A chic little clutch…aka the world of Clare Vivier.  Need I say more?  Black sunnies…protecting your eyes while looking camera ready, what could be better.  But seriously, French women know their way around their closet and the beauty counter which is why their skin remains baby-soft and oh-so fair decades past their teens and twenties.  

Hope you're feeling inspired by this French girl style as much as I am.  If so, you can try putting together your own look with the items below.  Happy Wednesday!


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